The laboratory of ANCOROTTI COSMETICS uses its deep-rooted expertise to meet the customer needs through the latest and state-of-the-art technologies in cosmetics. Our chemists use a wide range of reliable and innovative resources, collecting detailed scientific information on the raw materials and their effectiveness, to develop brand new and innovative products.


ANCOROTTI COSMETICS ensures all products and processes are in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. Our products comply with the regulations in force. We also provide many certifications, among which: Certificate of Origin, GMP Certificates, Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, TDS.


ANCOROTTI COSMETICS products are tested during development, production and filling procedure to ensure concrete results. Testing is performed both onsite and by approved labs. We regularly perform these standard tests: pH balance, viscosity, yeast and mold, appearance (aesthetics), odor, microbial count, stability, challenge, dermatological and ophthalmological tests. Upon customer's request we perform also in vivo or in vitro efficacy tests (such has long lasting test, SPF, hydration and volume-lengthening-curling-waterproof efficacy test on mascara) and heavy metal tests.